Ring video doorbell Pro no notifications

Had the pro doorbell for about 4 months, everything thing works fine apart from not getting notifications on android phone, I’ve re installed the app, all notifications are enabled on the phone, seems to be an expensive gadget, the whole point in having it was so I could get notifications when away from the house

Hi @andyll. For notifications, try uninstalling the Ring App, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the Ring App. This typically resolves notification concerns like what you’re experiencing. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can find some more troubleshooting tips for Android devices in our Help Center Article here. I hope these tips help! :slight_smile:

As I said originally, I’ve re installed the app, I’ve also tried everything else, the only time I get a ring/motion notification is if I open the app

@andyll What make and model of smartphone do you have? It’s important to complete the uninstall, full reset of your phone to clear the cache, and reinstall in that order if you hadn’t done that already. If none of the tips in the article I shared are helping either, then you may need to reach out to your cell phone carrier as it could be a setting on your phone specifically that is preventing notifications from coming through.

It’s a Huawei p30 lite, I’ve turn motion detection notifications on and I get those on the phone, very occasionally I’ll get a notification a few minutes after the doorbell has rung, reading other posts this seems to be a common problem

@andyll Thanks for clarifying which model. Since it is a Huawei phone, I’d recommend referencing a previous thread regarding this same concern here. Chelsea does a great job explaining what the problem may be, as it seems mostly due to the phone’s battery-saving software.

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Thanks for that, I can see how that would be a problem, but I don’t understand why I get motion detection notifications on my phone but not when there’s someone pressing the bell