Ring Video Doorbell Pro no longer allows live video with doorbell ring

I have had my Ring Video Doorbell Pro operational for over a year without any issues until a few weeks ago. It is hardwired and has RSSI of 46 or better consistently. If anyone rings my doorbell, I receive notification in mobile app, but get spinning wheel and live video is not possible until after the recording is completed. Any other time, I can get live feed very quickly and without any issue. Only when doorbell is pressed is there an issue. I suspected my transformer, so replaced it today with Ring unit. Same result. Have tried full factory reset of the video doorbell pro with same results. I have been on queue with support for over 2 hours and thought I would see if anyone in the community had ideas. Wifi is excellent mesh network, hardwired power, new transformer, firrmware is up to date and all other ring cameras working. Only the doorbell pro has issue when doorbell pressed.

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