Ring Video Doorbell Pro Losing Power After Use

I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro which i have had since 2019 and used until recently without issue. The doorbell is hard wired using the ring supplied transformer and bypass.

Recently the bell has started to loose power when rung. I need to turn off and on the power at the transformer to restart the power, the bell then reboots and is fine until someone rings the doorbell. I had no one ring for one week and the video worked fine as soon as the button was pushed within 30 minutes the power was gone and the bell off line.

The bell button is quite worn and has spilt but it seems that activating the bell is causing a power fault. I have checked the wiring which is sound. Does anyone have any suggestions on a cause and possible fix?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @leev80. The Doorbell could be rebooting when the button is pressed due to the crack. This Community post here has a marked solution as to what other neighbors had to do for your concern. I hope this helps!