Ring Video Doorbell Pro Kills Transformer

I had read many issues posted in this community site about the Ring Video Doorbell Pro that kills the transformer when someone press the ring button. This is true for me as well. I had replaced 3 transformers and on my 4th one as of 12 Dec 23 in less than 2 months. I contacted customer support and explained my situation on 9 Dec 23. They walked me through all the troubleshooting that I had done many times before with other technicians. It is not the transformer or the wiring that caused the problem when I had my electrician friend inspected on my 3rd times of replacing the transformer. Ring sent me a replacement that came today (12 Dec 23). I installed the replacement Ring Video Doorbell Pro with my 4th transformer. I did a test by pressing the ring button then the transformer went dead. After reading all the posts that shared the same problem as I’m experiencing them. Yet, Ring have not admitted the faulty product to do a recall. I am beyond disappointed.

Hi @John-1. This is certainly not the experience we’d like you to have. I suggest reaching out to our team via Facebook or Twitter @Ring so they can take a deeper look into this concern. They’ll be able to forward this to the appropriate team for investigation.