Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Diode

I purchased two Ring Video Doorbell Pro’s. The first installed at the front door with no problem. The second at the backdoor would not stop ringing once connected. I have a digital door bell. After doing some research I found that this may be due to the fact I need to install a “diode”. However none was included with either package. After speaking with Ring and Amazon they refuse to send me a diode.

Is there a way/place to purchase the Ring Video Doorbell Pro diode?

Hi @sirdirk9. The Ring Pro does not require a diode. I would make sure everything is wired correctly by reviewing this Help Center article here, and select the correct arrangement that you have. I would also ensure that you have Digital Chime selected under- Device Settings > General Settings > In-Home Chime Selection.

I would like to purchase a Diode for my Ring doorbell

Hi @Dyche. I would suggest visiting a hardware or electronic store to purchase a diode.