Ring Video Doorbell Pro dead as a doornail after 2 years

Hi there. Just wanted to share my experience with the Video Doorbell Pro. Unfortunately as of May 31st my doorbell camera stopped working and since then i struggled to find the root cause and find a solution. I also got confused because i had made some adjustments to my WiFi but always thought it should be easy to reconnect the camera. However that was not the case, it took me some time to do some research and do my initial troubleshooting and ended up reaching out to Ring Support as suggested in some of the community posts.

I followed every single step to test and reset the device but it as impossible to get the camera go into Set Up mode. I was asked to check everything from cables, breakers, transformer, etc. and also to send pictures. I spent at least a couple days troubleshooting with the Ring technician on the phone. Everything was confirmed to be perfect , however for some unknown reason, my Doorbell Pro stopped working after exactly two years. My doorbell had a blinking white light that stayed on for about 15 seconds, then turned off and after a few seconds went back again into blinking mode. I was not covered under standard warranty but because i completed the entire and exhausting process, i was offered a discount code for my next purchase. I appreciate the Ring Support rep effort though i am convinced this was a product/software defect that should have been covered in its entirety.

Hi, not a lot of use to you, but the Ring button light on/off may indicate a power issue, with the small internal capacitor/battery damaged. The PRO is susceptible to such damage if the power supply is not stable or the Pro power kit (PPK) is not used inline with a transformer/chime. The (PPK) offers short circuit protection and although the PRO will work without it, damage can occur over time resulting in ultimate failure.