Ring Video Doorbell Pro and router incompatibility issue.

Unable to live view when router’s firewall is turned on. Other functionalities are working except for live view. Router make and model: linksys wrt120n.

Hey @MrDoorKeeper , can you confirm if this is occuring on all live streams (motion, ding, live view) or just when hitting the actual “live view” button in the App?

Just the live view won’t work.

Thank you for clarifying that for me @MrDoorKeeper . Usually, if just live view is not operating as intended, that concern would be related more to the application and phone operation. Uninstalling/ reinstalling, as well as trying on Wifi versus data, might resolve this. However, if you’ve tested with your firewall off, and can see a clear difference in functionality, then network settings would certainly be the culprit. If you do not want to disable your firewall entirely, enabling a DMZ or even Whitelisting the Doorbell Pro could improve the video experience.