Ring Video DoorBell Pro 2021 & Chime Bypass Advice

Hey hey, first time poster. I’ve been looking through the forums trying to find an appropriate answer for how to properly set up my Ring Doorbell.

I have the 2021 version of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, I bought it awhile back and hadn’t got around to set it up. I think it was probably a prime deal, but we’d just moved into the our house and we had loads of renovation work to do which took priority. Anyway fast forward to replacing the old doorbell, which was connected from the mains socket in our storm porch, to a Byron Wired Door Chime Kit with Built-in Transformer, and then out to the front door bell.

I made a bit of an oversight when I first installed the ring doorbell, by forgetting to bypass the charm. initially It had no issues and was showing as good voltage in the app, so I didn’t think much of the bypass kit. Admittedly I should have done a bit more research before hand.

Either way, I now have to fit the little pro bypass kit that came with my doorbell and I was just getting a bit mixed up as to which parts I need to connect and bypass.

Above is the existing connection, with places 0 and 2 going out to the front doorbell.
3 and 2 look as though they are taking power in from the transformer, and lastly 3 and 0 look as though they connect out to the chime.

So I thought, and please correct me if I’m way off, that if I attached the bypass kit to number 3 and then directly to the blue cable going out to the front doorbell that, that is the right setup, but before I turn everything back on I thought I’d get a second set of eyes on it to see if I’m way off base.

I probably should just have grabbed a leccy to come and take a look but I thought on the face of things it looked pretty straightforward. Any advice welcome.

Hi @JTomks. In our installation guide for the Pro Power Kit, it is shown how to install it on the Trans and Front terminals of your chime. I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your Chime or looking up its manual to determine what terminals are Front and Trans.