Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2-Newly Built Home

In the US: I am interested in purchasing a Doorbell Pro 2 but, I’m confused on how to install it. This is a home that is in construction and I will not have a “regular” doorbell and chime. Upon looking at the power drawing, I’m not 100% certain how to install it. Could I put the pro power kit directly in line with the doorbell wires? Any help would be appreciated it. Thanks, in advance!

You basically need to get power to it at the rated voltage. You need a mains feed into a 16 - 24v transformer and then wires out from that to the doorbell. The Pro and Pro 2 support both AC and DC transformers. I would get a DC one and here in the UK that’s actually what comes in the box. The pro power kit as I understand it is used to make doorbell chimes work so you shouldn’t need it. I actually think Ring devices are better without having to mess about with traditional doorbell chimes. Just get either a Ring Chime or use Echo devices as a chime.

Bemak, thanks for your reply. Just so I understand you, if I don’t already have a “traditional” door bell chime, I don’t need to install the pro power pack? I was going to buy a Ring Chime, as well.

Yes that is my understanding. The pro power kit is only needed if you have a mechanical doorbell and you should be fine to wire it straight into the transformer.

Hi @hicksjc1. I just want to advise that @bemak187 is incorrect, and the Pro Power Kit is absolutely required when using the Ring Pro. Installing your Ring Pro without the PPK could be potentially hazardous, as this is used to regulate the power. You can use this to work with a mechanical or digital chime, or no chime at all. If you’ve installed the Ring Pro without the Pro Power Kit, please immediately shut off power, and install it. This Help Center article here has information on how to do this. If you are using the Ring Pro 2, you can hardwire directly to your transformer.

@Tom_Ring Then why is every single Ring Pro 2 sold in the U.K. supplied without the Pro Power Kit?