Ring Video Doorbell Power Supply

Hello, I have a Generation 2 Ring Video Doorbell, purchased in 2021. A little while after purchase, I bought a plug in power supply (not from Ring) whose output was 24V AC. This failed recently and I decided to buy a Ring-made power supply. When I received this I found it’s output was 24V DC. The instructions that came with it indicate that it will work with my doorbell but I note that on the reverse of the doorbell it says it is to be used with a 24V AC supply! I have connected it to the Ring 24VDC supply and it appears to work! I was looking for an indication that it was on mains power and i can see at the top of the doorbell device page there is an icon of a battery (all green) with an electrical “flash” in it. Does this indicate the device is on mains power? Thanks, Jim

Never mind! I’ve found the answer and it does work , and is working, with a DC supply. The confusion & worry due to the warning on the back of the doorbell saying must use 24VAV and Ring supplying a 24V DC supply. Some clarification needed here on the labelling!

Hi @JamesAB. I’m glad you were able to figure this out.