Ring Video Doorbell - Night vision stopped working

I have a Ring Video Doorbell (ca. 2015). It’s hardwired, fully charged and in good health per the health check.

I didn’t use it much, but for years it would shift into a night mode via infrared or something so you could have a view at night or in lower light conditions. However, that seems to be no longer working.

Any basic ideas on where to start troubleshooting short of power (which seems to be fine)? Should I try resetting it? Tim to buy a new device?

Hey @Variant! Have you added any light to the entryway area? Sometimes enough light will allow the lens to adjust without needing to use night vision.

If night vision is not coming on even when covering the lens area on the Doorbell, please try a reset. You can perform a reset by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same issue, have performed the hard reset at least a dozen times. The light situation is the same as it’s always been and it used to work just fine. Was there something in a recent firmware update that broke it?


Hey neighbor! If the night vision is still not functioning appropriately after performing a reset and a new setup of your Doorbell, you’ll want to reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. They’ll be able to take a closer look at your device and offer more in-depth troubleshooting steps to correct this concern. If you are outside of the US, please go here to see how to contact support. As it can help other neighbors, feel free to report back on what support recommends! :slight_smile:

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My ring 3 goes from color to black and white back to color then black and white hardwired or not, no option under device settings for night vision as described.

Hi @Mdolan2000. Would you be able to upload a video of this? A video would be able to help the Community identify any possible causes for this behavior. When attaching this video, you will need first gather the share link of the video. You can do this by going into the Event History in your Ring App and choosing to share it via email. From there, copy the link that is generated and paste the link in the body of your post. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply.

I also have same problem, 3 days ago night vision all of the sudden stopped working, I called support was told reset using reset button 20 seconds but still same issue. Tried turn off breaker or power cycle but same problem, device is out of warranty and I am out of luck too.


My night vision has just also stopped working . Have you had any luck with doing the reset?
If not what have you had to do ?

Did anyone find a solution? I can’t get my IR red lights to turn on anymore and have searched the topic but the only solution is to reset and pray. Do people have any real solutions?

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