Ring video doorbell light stays on

The light stays on and it is white and it doesn’t connect or do anything ang goes dead quick. I use a battery not a wired connection

Hey @Bigmike12. Do you have your Doorbell hardwired to a previous doorbell setup? If you do have it set up like this, since the device is hardwired this way and getting a trickle charge to help charge the device, this will be why you see the white light all the time, indicating that it is getting that trickle charge. The battery life for your device in between charges will depend on how you have your motion settings configured which will result in how active your Doorbell is. If you find that your Doorbell is having a hard time holding a charge but you are getting more than 10 events a day, please try lower your motion sensitivity settings to see if less events help lengthen the life of the battery.