Ring Video doorbell keeps losing connection to application/wifi

I’m actually not sure what connection is going wrong. I know my doorbell shows that it is online but I won’t be able to connect to it nor will I receive any rings or motion notifications on the application. The temporary fix is to reconnect to the wifi. I tried to reconnect by rebooting my wifi router but this did not work. I have to go through the connection process by physically removing the doorbell (such a pain). Last time it worked for a week. This last time I hadn’t even got the doorbell back on before it stopped working. Any ideas if this is a device problem or an app. I strongly suspect it is the app and, more specifically an android 11 issue. I am able to connect using an old pixel phone that hasn’t been upgraded yet. Also, I didn’t have this issue prior to Android 11.

Hi @kristynf. If your Doorbell is having a connection issue that causes the Live View not to load or not give you notifications, it may be a wifi related issue. Under the Device Health menu, what is the reported RSSI? You can record this number and then reboot your router by unplugging it for 3 minutes, then plugging it back in. Once your wifi is restored, see if your RSSI has improved. Let me know if this works!

It’s 52. When I called Ring the first time this happened they mentioned that was one of the best numbers they’ve seen. It’s not surprising since my router is pretty much right next to the door bell. I don’t think it is a wifi issue. I think it is something in the application that gets reset when I reconnect the wifi. This just started happening when I upgraded my phone to Android 11. I will be able to access the doorbell via an older phone on an older android version but not not the newer Android 11 phone until I reset the device.

Hi @kristynf. It sounds like you are correct, something on your new phone may be prohibiting the Ring app from working correctly. Here is a list of some apps that we have identified to conflict with the Ring App. If you continue to have issues with your new phone and not your old phone, it might be best to contact your phone service provider to see if this is something they can help you with.

I actually don’t have a new phone. I just upgraded my phone to a new android OS when I started to have problems. I just happen to have an older phone that doesn’t have active cell service (only wifi) and an older android OS so I can test things out.

I don’t have any of those apps on my phone.

I do have another application that stopped working after the android 11 upgrade. I plan on doing a clean install to see if something was corrupted during the upgrade. It’s just a pain because it means I have to back up a bunch of apps and I usually forget at least one.