Ring Video Doorbell Elite Ethernet Connection Choppy Video & Audio

  • I recently bought a Ring Video Doorbell Elite and successfully set it up via ethernet. I chose this model because it was the only one with ethernet connectivity and I expected the best possible reliability and speed.
  • I face the problem that when I connect to the video doorbell, the sound is choppy, the video is laggy, and sometimes a red message appears that says that I do not have a good connection.
  • I am sure that the issue is not on my end but on the Ring’s end because:
  1. After I face the issue, I close the Ring app and open my security camera app, which has 2 4k cameras and the app loads in seconds, the video and sound is crystal clear. Each camera needs a bandwidth of 3000kbps and my router and phone handle it fine.
  2. I have the Ring plugged in the main router, same as my other systems that work fine (cameras, PCs, etc…).
  3. The internet speed is 27mbps/4mbps always stable and not the issue.
  4. I have also tried my mobile data instead of wifi on my iPhone 11, and it is a little bit better but also laggy and choppy video.
  5. I make sure that I have only one mobile device (iPhone 11) paired with the Ring Elite.
  6. I have tried both the Ring app and Rapid Ring app and also uninstalled and reinstalled.
  7. I have the same issues when I test with a Samsung S7 Edge phone.
    Any help please?

This could be a few things. If you connect to your security camera app over mobile data how does this perform?