Ring Video Doorbell 4 - Product questions


I am considering a ring doorbell for my vacation house, but I have few questions prior to purchasing that I am hoping you can help me with…

Most likely considering the Ring Video Doorbell 4 due to the extra pre-roll video that would be available prior to motion detection.

  1. At this house we essentially have hotspot powered wifi. It has 15 gigs per month. When we are not at the house there will be very little movement near the camera. My question is, how much of my 15 gigs will the ring doorbell use in just being connected to the wifi? I understand that the more motion activity the more data it will use but what is the baseline?
  2. Does the app allow for battery life monitoring? This will not be hardwired; can I view from the app when the battery is getting low?
  3. The doorbell will be mounted in a shaded carport. About half of the day the sun casts shadows from our neighbor’s trees on the driveway. We have tried other cameras that detect motion as have not been happy. We had MANY false notifications because of tree shadow movement. How accurate are the motion notifications? Have shadows especially those from tree movement been reported to cause false notifications?
  4. Are there any issues with the doorbell or battery working in extremely hot climates? During the summer, the temperatures can reach into the 120s. Will this be a problem for the doorbell or the battery?

Thank you for your time and help,

Happy to answer these great questions!

  1. WiFi is the most important resource for your Ring devices. As mentioned in many of our WiFi related Help Center articles, the networking equipment used is an important variable, amongst others, for dependable connection.
    • While we often advise using something other than a hotspot for your Ring devices, as long as it is providing a standard internet connection it should work. As for data usage, this depends entirely on the environment, usage, and frequency of activity.
  2. Battery level can be monitored. The Ring app Device Health page will allow you to see where your battery level is and other power related information when applicable.
  3. There are many motion settings available in the Ring app, as well as mounting options for fine tuning. For instance, People Only mode can help to refine your alerts for people only. Abrupt changes in lighting or even constant movement within the Ring device field of view can trigger a motion event, in which the above recommendations will help to optimize.
  4. Any extreme temperatures are certainly recommended to look out for, for battery charge and safety reasons. Similar to Cold Weather and battery-powered Ring devices, hot temperatures can also have an impact.

Check out our Video Doorbell Help Center Comparison Guide for information such as operating temperature, specifications, and more. :slight_smile: