Ring video doorbell 4- not recording


I have a video doorbell 4 - battery powered.

I had a few visitors today come to the door but there is no recording - looking for advice as to why this might be and how i can rectify.


Would appreciate a quick view on this from Ring as this has happened again today and i’ve missed something very important

Hi @CCRing. If your Doorbell is missing Motion Events, you can try reevaluating your Motion Settings. This Community post here has some great tips and tricks for this!

Thanks Tom
I have had a look and adjusted motion frequency from ‘regularly’ to ‘frequently’ - and just hope that works.
Not great for the battery life but if it’s missing things then it’s not doing what i bought it for.

Hi @CCRing. Thanks for the update. I’m sure with this setting you’ll be satisfied. :grin: