Ring Video Doorbell 4 connect to Unifi

I have a client that has a Ring Video Doorbell 4 and Unifi Access.
The doorbell was working for a while, then started connecting and disconnecting and then went offline completely.
I have benched and tested it, it works with a mobile hot spot and my default LAN here at my location but it doesn’t work on my bench network.
At the client’s site it won’t work on any of the networks.
I have tried turning on and off various features in the APs including Minimal data rate but nothing seem to work.
The strange thing is that the device is shown by the Unifi device list as connected but it doesn’t pull an IP address except on my default LAN.
It seems to me there is a compatibility issue of some kind but I have no idea as to what the issue is.
Any help is appreciated.

OK, so I did a bunch of messing around and here is what I have found…

Internet searches will show that setting your APs to Auto on the power output helps.

It is possible that having Meshing enabled does cause issues though I was unable to confirm this completely.

What I did find that seemed to help is setting the Wifi SSIDs Advanced options to auto.
Go to Settings → Wifi → Select your wifi network (SSID) → Set “Advanced” to “Auto”

There doesn’t seem to be one specific thing that gets the Ring Doorbell back online, so if in doubt, make sure each access point is set to auto via Unifi Devices → Select your AP → Settings. Also disable Meshing.

Once the Ring Doorbell is back online, change things back, one thing at a time until they or it goes offline again and then work your way backwards to see if one specific thing may have caused it.

I am not sure if these wireless issues are a issue with Unifi APs and/or the Ring Doorbells, but I would suspect the doorbells more than the APs because 90+% of all other wireless devices work with Unifi but Ring Doorbells have periodic issues.

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Hi @PTechS. Thank you for sharing this!