Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Solar charger - Please help me understand this

I have a Ring Video Doorbell 3, and after about a week or so of use, I bought and installed a Ring Solar Panel. The panel itself is fully exposed to 5-6 hours of direct overhead sunlight per day when weather is not otherwise a factor.

When I installed the Solar Panel, I watched the battery percentage fairly regularly. It was 100% to start with a freshly charged battery (with the panel showing ‘Connected’), and over the next few days, I noticed that the battery would drop 1%-2% per day, as it had prior to the Solar Panel. Then, I purposely ran it down to about 75% by repeatedly running Live View in the app one day while awaiting a FedEx delivery. Maybe a day or so went by when I did not really watch the battery level, and when I did check it, it said 100%.

So my question is, does this device wait until the battery is at a certain percentage to begin recharging the battery - maybe for the purpose of battery health? Not an issue if that is the case. I just want to understand this. Thanks!

In order to extend the lifetime of the lithium-ion battery, your solar charger or solar panel will not begin charging your battery until its percentage drops below 90%. You may see the solar device’s status as “Not Connected” in your Ring app when your battery is over 90% charge, this is normal and will show as connected once charging begins.

Solar Charging is applied in between events or after an event takes place, but also during idle. With a battery-powered Video Doorbell, your events will be powered by the battery primarily and the charge from the Solar Panel is not used to power events. Outside of those times of an event in progress, your Solar Panel will provide a charge to your Video Doorbell that should gradually recharge it.

For more tips on solar charging your Video Doorbell, check out this Help Center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, this is very helpful, and this is what I am seeing. At first, I did not think the solar panel was working - although it did say ‘connected’. Then came the event mentioned above when I ran it down to about 75% and it was at 100% a day or so later. I am very familiar with the properties of lithium based batteries, and it’s great that your engineers took this into account. Thank you again. All the best!

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