Ring Video Doorbell 3 – What resistor to use?

I installed a Ring Video Doorbell 3 to replace a doorbell that worked a digital chime. When the Ring didn’t set off the chime, I inserted a resistor. That worked one time, then the resistor must have failed.

What is the exact resistor I need to install on my Ring Video Doorbell 3 so that both the Ring device and my digital chime work?

And where do I buy it? The $10 Wirewound Resistor promoted by Ring isn’t the answer.


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Hey @Commakazi, happy to step in and offer some guidance here! @Rodneya332 Thank you for chiming in with those suggestions as well. When you’re installing a Doorbell 3 with an existing doorbell, you actually do not need a resistor. You can reference this Help Center Article here which goes over the installation process for the Doorbell 3, to ensure everything looks good on your end.

If everything looks good installation wise, you may want to check your chime kit and ensure that it is compatible with the Doorbell 3. We have a chime kit compatibility list here, which covers both mechanical and digital chimes. Let me know if this helps out! :slight_smile: