Ring Video Doorbell 3 use a Ring Video Doorbell Pro mechanical chime?

I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro hardwired for power and chime on the front door. If I get a Ring Video Doorbell 3 and use it with battery only on the back door, can it communicate with the Video Doorbell Pro’s hardwired chime through wifi/app/ or whatever to ring the chime?

Or do I simply have to get a separate wireless chime.

Hi @dahacker. This is a great question! If you currently have a Ring Pro hardwired on a circuit with a in home chime kit, the only way to get a Ring Video Doorbell 3 to also ring your in home chime kit would be to hardwire it into the same circuit. This would require installation from a licensed electrician. Another option would be to use our Ring Chime to wirelessly ring inside your home. Let me know if you have anymore questions.