Ring Video doorbell 3 Theft - No reply received from Ring yet

I needed some help as my ring video doorbell 3 has been stolen and have filed a police report and then filed a theft claim form on ring within the 14 days period. However, I still not getting any reply from ring.
I would like to know if my device can be covered under warranty or not?
And if not, at least I would like the Ring team to disable the MAC address of the stolen ring video doorbell which was stolen.
Thank you,
Appreciate your any help on this,

We are just fellow users, and no one in these forums have access to your account.
You’ll have to work through Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help).
Wait times are long and you may have to call a few times to get an agent that’s able to assist.

Hi @m.irfan.khalid88. Sorry to hear about this! This page here will go over our theft information. If you’ve already filled this portion out, but haven’t heard back from our team, try checking your junk/spam email folders. If there is still no reply, you’ll have to follow up with our support team directly as @SolarEclipse has suggested.

Thank you sir, i will check it out and any result will let you know here accordingly.

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