Ring Video Doorbell 3: Storing Battery

I have recently purchased Ring Video Doorbell 3. Due to delays in my renovation project, I will not install it in the next five months, at least.

I would like to connect it, configure it and check if its works. The manual instructs that the battery should be fully charged before first use, but I am uncertain whether storing it after full charge would shorten battery life.

Would it be better for the battery to remain unused?
Would it shorten battery life if it is charged and then stored?

Hi @Amitay. Storing the battery after charging it is not going to affect the battery life or cause any damage. You can charge the battery, set the Doorbell up to test it out, and then remove the battery from the Doorbell. This way you do not have to charge the battery again when you are ready to set the Doorbell up after your project is complete.