Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus won’t save HDR Setting

I bought a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, my first ever Ring device, and the experience has been less than stellar to say the least.
If I turn the HDR setting to on in video settings, it only stays that way while I’m in the app.
If I leave the app and come back, HDR is toggled off.
I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Ring app, repaired the Ring device, restarted my phone multiple times, doesn’t fix the issue.
I’m thinking this will need a firmware update to fix.
My other big complaint is that the recent Ring app update, took away the ability to see the motion sensitivity slider camera view, now you’re stuck just blindly guessing. And whatever I save the slider to, it always go back to the least Min motion sensitivity. (See screenshot I attached)
Super buggy app. Seriously needs some QA.


Hey @vtboyarc. Thank you so much for bringing this up in the Community! For the concern in regards to the HDR toggle, this is something that our team is looking into further to resolve this concern. I will make sure to update this thread for you once we have a resolution for this! In addition, thank you for your feedback on the motion sensitivity settings. I will make sure to pass on this feedback to our teams here. :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks for the reply and for the updates.
I’ve sent a screenshare video of the issue to support in an email as well, I hope that helps.
Seems it was a problem previously with The Ring 2: https://community.ring.com/t5/Ring-App/HDR-switch-s-it-s-self-off/td-p/11938/page/8

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I have the new Ring 3 as well with the latest iOS update to the ring app and am experiencing the same problem. Hope there is a fix to this bug soon

Just installed the app today 30 April 2020 having purchased video doorbell 3 but HDR setting keeps resetting to off all the time.

I installed the Doorbell 3 Plus yesterday, and I’m experiencing the same issue with HDR toggling off every time I close the app. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail.

Also just got the ring 3 plus and HDR toggles off on its own not sure why. Maybe it’s only happening at night I’ll need to double check. Looking for update or answer. My first ring device. Also got the chime pro. So far so good otherwise

Same issue with a new Video doorbell 3 Plus.

HDR keeps resetting to off.

This is not related to the night as I set it on this morning and then checked an hour or so later and it was off again.

Ring, please fix

Many thanks

I have just bought Video Doorbell 3 and I noticed the same. Turned HDR on but next time the menu shows its off (dont know if its really off or only the menu shows wrong).

I bought a ring 3 pro

The HDR does not save like in this thread and it is not fixed by the latest update.

Quite surprised people are saying it is fixed when it is an issue on the latest device


If you set the HDR setting as on the latest Ring 3 pro, it does not save. It goes back to HDR =off.

Yes I have the latest update and firmware.

This is on iOS.

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Hi Chelsea,

I clicked to reach out to the support team like in your post. However it just says “ask a question” and it doesn’t go to any support team. All it does is show you how to turn on HDR and then if you need more help it just brings you back to the community. I’m a new user - but looks like no support team

Is a known issue on iOS. Spoke with Ring they are aware of issue.

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Im having the same problem. I just purchased a Ring Video Doorbell 3. Installed the newest version of the app, reinstalled, and HDR setting keeps going back to the “off” setting after turning it on. This needs to be fixed as this has been an ongoing issue for a while according to the community. Its dissapointing, please fix it.

I also have the ring 3 plus and HDR is still switching off.I rang support and they said enable it on Android which i did and it would triger it to work on iphone,IT DIDN’T !! I think they make it up as they go along,it is about time they fixed this issue ,this is not a cheap item.Can we get what we payed for by any chance???

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I have had my Doorbell 3 Plus for less than an week, love it but also have the exact same issue. HDR keeps switching itself off.

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Hey neighbors! I have heard back from the appropriate teams, and it looks like this should have been resolved with the most recent app update. If you can please ensure this toggle is saving and working for you now, that would be much appreciated! In the event the toggle may still cause problems, please remove your Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone and then reinstall the app and try again. Let me know if you have any further comments, questions or concerns! :slight_smile:

I have accepted this post as a solution. Our teams have isolated this concern and deployed a fix to have this addressed. We appreciate your patience during this time and please feel free to update this thread if it’s working now for you! Thank you.

Please help. I am trying to subscribe but I cannot do it through the app can somebody please give me a contact number or email so I can subscribe. I am trying to subscribe but I cannot do it through the app can somebody please give me a contact number or email so I can subscribe

Hey @Jgergs. You will be unable to subscribe through the Ring app, and need to go to Ring.com to subscribe. If you are still unable to following this article here, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I’m still having no joy fixing this issue. Followed every step multiple times and still not saving the setting in HDR mode.