Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus multiple design failures. HOW IS THIS A "RING" PRODUCT?

I’ve had this device a few months. I live in the Chicago burbs (not that Chicago is much colder than the rest of the US)… but read on.

A month ago I called support; the battery was not charging. No problem, they sent me a brand new device to swap it out. After a few days it was very clear the new device was not charging either. Its been two weeks and it’s at 60% with no upward movement towards recharging.

I just got off with support. Well it seems that the spec on the Ring website of "operating temperature of -5f to 120f is misleading. It will NOT charge below 30 degrees (according to support). Kinda wonder why they sent a new device in the first place. it was just as cold in last month as it is now.

So, if you’re noting the not-awesome features of this device.

  1. Runs on battery, not hardwired power (so when battery gets too low the device stops working.
  2. Battery will not charge unless “warm”… True charging temp TBD.
  3. Pre-roll is hit/miss whether it decides to run
  4. Pre-roll is in black and white
  5. Pre-roll is very low quality
  6. Pre-roll has no sound
  7. I paid a premium to get this device
  8. Wifi reception is much weaker than the Ring Pro
  9. If I decided to swap out my old ring doorbell I have two fugly holes hanging out where the 3 plus screwed in.
  10. Oh yea, and the 3 plus is HUGE.

Ring you should be ashamed putting your name on this device. I have three other devices all working wonderfully.