Ring video doorbell 3 Plus Live camera issues

Its been a few months since this was installed.

I have a 1 GB speed Internet plan from Rogers & with WIFI, i consistently, get atleast 200-400 MBPS download speed and 25-40 Upload speed.

Still, i struggle to get Live view on my camera consistently. Sometimes it works but most of times, it is not.

is it a known issue with my model? I also check from Ring App on WIFI health, etc. which is always good but not sure why Live is not working.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

I am thinking to pack it & return to Amazon

Having the exact same experience here. I’d love to hear some better options than “Have you tried 2.4ghz?” or “Try reinstalling the app”.

i agree…trying with 2.4 or 5 Gz does not seem to be an issue. I am really fed up now. Product and its App are so inconsistent that very difficult to rely on them any longer.

i am going to call up Ring support to see if any better option otherwise i am gonna return