RIng Video Doorbell 3 + on my Sony Android TV

I want to view the ring doorbell on my Sony XBR-75X900H TV. I have the Alexa app installed on the TV and cell phone. The ring doorbell shows up in the app on the phone. But when I ask Alexa to show me the front door, it keeps taking me to YouTube videos about Alexa and the ring doorbells. I keep seeing something about connecting to an Alexa Device (like ECHO?) in the community threads from the past. Isn’t the Alexa device the TV? Do you need an ECHO for this to work? If so, Ring doesn’t work with just Alexa on the TV. This seems to be a very gray area.

Instead of asking Alexa, what happens when you select your doorbell from the Devices list in the Alexa app. (I don’t have an Android TV so I don’t know if you have the same options on it as I do with the Alexa app on my phone.)