Ring Video Doorbell 3+ keeps burning transformers

Hello, any insight is appreciated. I had my contractor install a transformer bought from HomeDepot to hardwire and charge my ring video doorbell 3+. At first, it was charging for a few seconds then burned out the transformer. We replaced the transformer and tried lower voltage at 8v and it burned out again. For the third time, I tried a different circuit and it burned out again.

Any ideas? Anyone experiencing the same thing? I read for this Ring Video 3+ a diode is not necessary.


Hi @nodaicrag. Make sure the transformer you’re using meets the power requirements for the Doorbell 3 Plus, which are 8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. If you are installing the Doorbell 3 Plus without an existing doorbell, and wiring it directly to a transformer, follow the instructions in our Help Center Article here. You may also want to consult a qualified electrician to ensure it’s safely installed and that all of the internal wiring appears in good shape.

I followed all of the instructions and used a licensed electrician. I solved the issue. It turns out the transformers from HomeDepot, Hampton Bay brand kept burning out after 3 times. So I tried a different brand, sold on Amazon called Ragnaros. It now works perfectly!


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@nodaicrag I’m so glad to hear you found a transformer that works for your Doorbell, and that you’re no longer having any concerns! Thanks for sharing your solution as well. :slight_smile: