Ring Video Doorbell 3 is VERY late in alerting me "Someone is at your front door"

I’m not jazzed about the Ring giving me the “Someone is at your front door” alert only when said person is ON THE PORCH. Example: I get the alert, head to the door, and the mailman is walking away on my sidewalk. I’ve jacked up the Alert Frequency and Sensitivity so there shouldn’t be a lag. My RSSI is at 47 and, from what I understand, that’s an acceptable level. No? The router is in the office right next to the front door so, I hope that’s close enough. Yes, I live in a cold weather state but, the lag has been present even in warmer temps. I see that there’s a Motion Snooze feature but, when I select that, there’s no selection for “0 MIN”. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.