Ring Video Doorbell 3 is draining battery in 12 - 18 hours

My Ring Video Doorbell 3 worked perfectly for 3 years up until a couple of weeks ago. Then the inside mechanical doorbell began making a very loud buzz, and the doorbell battery drained completely in less than a day. Charged the battery and bypassed the doorbell, and it drained to <10% in twelve hours. Tried this several times with the same results. Recharged the battery, reconnected the mechanical chime (removed the striker which is the part that makes the hum), and the battery drained again. Figured it must be time for a new battery. Purchased a new battery from Ring, charged it for 24 hours and installed it yesterday morning. Doorbell came online within a minute and showed 100% battery. This morning it is offline and the battery has completely drained.

Absolutely nothing has changed in three years so it’s not the mechanical chime, it’s not the wiring, it’s not the transformer, it’s not an increase in traffic or motion, and it’s not bad batteries. I live in central Florida so nighttime lows are still in the mid-50s so the battery isn’t getting too cold. Like others with the same issue have stated, the Ring Doorbell has developed a fault that somehow causes it to use what should be months worth of battery charge in under a day. Unless Ring or someone else has a solution, I guess I’ll be returning the new battery and buying a another video doorbell.

Hi @jere413. To confirm, you have your Video Doorbell 3 hardwired to your existing doorbell circuit? It’s possible something has happened with the wiring or the transformer that’s affecting the power, such as a frayed wire. Fully charge the battery, then disconnect the Doorbell from the existing wiring and test out how quickly the battery drains. This will help us narrow down what the cause of the issue is.

Same result. Disconnected the Ring from all wiring and a new, fully charged battery went from 100% to <10% in 12 hours, and now the doorbell is again offline because the battery has totally drained.

@jere413 In that cause, I’d suggest following up with our support team to investigate this further. Since the issue appears to be isolated to the Doorbell itself, our support team can look into things on the back end and determine the best resolution. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.