Ring Video Doorbell 3 - charging battery when hardwired

Hi, we had a Ring 1 and the battery showed 100% pretty much all of the time. We upgraded to a Ring 3 last week and the charge is hovering around 70% - is that normal?

Thank you.

Hi @Wilberforce. If your Ring Doorbell 3 is hardwired, this should serve as a trickle charge to the battery and be able to maintain it at its current level. Depending on the level of activity your Doorbell picks up, the trickle charge may not be able to keep up with the battery drain. However, when the activity slows down, you should start to see an upward trend in your battery percentage. I hope this helps!

Why doesn’t Ring disclose that hardwiring means “trickle charge” only. It’s very deceiving to sell item as the one to have option to be hardwired counting on customers to assume real meaning of the terminology which always means source of power is coming from the wires. On the other hand I guess Amazon doesn’t care as long as the item is sold. Or new update is aimed to push customers to buy new product that was just released.

I have the Ring video doorbell 3 and recently had the correct transformer fitted so it is now hardwired. In the Device Health part of the app it now recognises the Power Source as hardwired. The battery status has remained at 72% since the transformer was fitted on Tuesday last week . I had assumed the hard wiring would trickle charge the battery , can anyone confirm should it do this or simply maintain the charge.
Thanks in advance.

There is an issue with the hardwired doorbells not working. After just over a year of working perfectly, now my battery does not charge at all as many others are experiencing the same thing. The trickle charged worked just fine up till a few months ago. My ring doorbell is hardwired but showing a low battery why? - #67 by BobMurhttps://community.ring.com/t/my-ring-doorbell-is-hardwired-but-showing-a-low-battery-why/20331/67