Ring Video Doorbell 2020 wired installation question


I have a New RDB and am trying to install it. I have a Deta 3500 chime and can’t find any clarity on whether I can use it or not as a power source only, I am aware the chime won’t sound and I have an Alexa to serve as the chime. Everything I see only seems to be talking about the Chime function which I know won’t work but nothing talks about if it will work as a power source.

https://miro.medium.com/max/6048/1*9ryV7GAPHFlsmDaXACwU_Q.jpeg This is the same internals as my system.

All help welcome

Hi @Fraz13. As noted on this page here, the Deta 3500 chime is not compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell. If you were to hardwire this, you’d have to hardwire directly to your low voltage doorbell transformer.