Ring Video Doorbell 2020 Release not capturing everything

HI All - I been having issues with my ring since I got it. The ring captures my whole front yard including my driveway and garage.
It never captures everything or it captures very late. I would have a deliver guy show up to my front door but it captures him walking away. What’s worst, last night, my recycling box got stolen last night and it didn’t capture any of it. at 10pm, my sister and her husband showed up, it captured them walking towards the door but not when they drove up. at 10pm, you can see the recycle box on the right side of the video. at 11pm, when my sister and her husband left the house, the recycle box is no longer there. during that one hour, someone came up my driveway next to the garage and stole it. Is anyone else having this issue?

Please note, this is my 2nd ring. The first one I had, had this exact issue, so I thought, I received an defective ring device, so I exchanged for a new one. New one, still same issue.