Ring video doorbell 2 won't show live view or recording when someone was at the door

I’ll get a notification that someone is at the door but when I go into the app to check the video doesn’t show that there was any activity. I even made the doorbell sense that I was at the door and nothing recorded. The live view also doesn’t work when I’m in the app and ask it to go live.

The doorbell is hardwired so there’s power to it. The wifi connection is good. I ran the tests and checked the device health in the app and everything says it’s good. I also have the basic protection plan that I signed up for before the 30 day trial was up so I didn’t have a lapse in coverage.

I’m open to suggestions on how to fix this. I’ve had the doorbell for a month and half with no issues. Now it’s pretty much useless.

Hi @gdj1234. When you’re attempting to load the Live View, are you connected to wifi or mobile data? Sometimes there are restrictions on certain wifi networks, outside of your home network, that do not allow the Live View to load. Try enabling mobile data only to see if the Live View will load for you. Additionally you can try refreshing the Ring app by removing it, rebooting your device (turn it off/on) and then reinstalling the app. :smiley_cat:

I fixed the problem on my own. I had tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and restarting my phone and restarting my router and all of that and it still didn’t work. Really frustrating since the device health said everything was good. The battery was 100% (I have the doorbell hardwired in) and the wifi connection was good.

The way I fixed it was by going into the device settings and under that is general settings. Once in the general settings there is an option to remove the device so I did that. Once I did this I had to go throught the set up process again which required taking off the cover to the doorbell so I could push the little button that gets covered up. Then I just followed the rest of the steps and completed the setup. The doorbell has worked like it is supposed to ever since which has been going on about 5 days now.

I had posted on this board hoping for a quick answer from Ring. I’m sure there was probably a post somewhere in this board that would’ve let me know how to fix the doorbell but quite frankly I didn’t feel like going through all of them. I found the answer quicker by doing a search on the internet. By the time Ring responded to my post I had already fixed my doorbell.

Hope this helps anyone else who encounters this problem. In the future I’ll probably do my own search on how to fix the doorbell versus contacting Ring or searching/posting on this board.


@gdj1234 I’m glad to hear that you were able to fix this concern! I apologize that I was not able to get back to you soon enough. Please note that this Community Forum is designed as a neighbor to neighbor platform, and us moderators are here to keep it in order and help when we can. The Community is not a direct Support forum for immediate assistance from a Ring representative. For the future, if you ever need any assistance with your Ring device, I urged you to contact our Support Team here. They can help you 24/7, 365, by phone or chat, for any of your questions or concerns. Hope this helps for the future and nice job again for getting it fixed solo style! :smiley_cat:

It would be nice to actually see these answers on the “official” support board and it would be nice if support were available. We are all paying customers, and however unfortunate COVID is, I think our plans and video recording ability would be terminated if we were not responsive in our payments.