Ring Video Doorbell 2 Stopped Charging

I have had a Ring Video Doorbell 2 installed at my house for just over 3 years. It has recently stopped charging the battery from the hardwired connection. To my knowledge, nothing with my setup has changed. When I open the app and go to device health, the Power Source is listed as Hardwired, the firmware is up to date, and the health report says it has a clean bill of health. On the device page in the app, at the top right the battery icon is green with a lightning bolt over the battery icon which I believe means that it is charging.

The battery charges just fine when I remove it from the doorbell and plug it in to a USB cable. The doorbell is connected to my existing (not Ring brand) chime and that is still working properly.

I’ve made no adjustments to WiFi power/location (signal strength stays between RSI - 50 and 55), and I’ve not taken the camera off the wall or adjusted wiring. It has been untouched since install.

Is there something I might be missing or that I should change/test?


Hi @FlexibleRhino. I would start with a reset of your Doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button on the Doorbell for 20 seconds, then releasing. This Help Center article here has information about charging your battery while hardwired. I would also charge your Quick Release Battery to full charge and see if it stays within an acceptable level. If you have another battery operated device, see if swapping the batteries will improve performance. Let me know if this works.