Ring Video Doorbell 2 shows hardwired, but is not charging.

Hi there. I’ve had the RVD2 and I absolutely love this thing… except that it doesn’t charge on my doorbell wiring.

My house had:

  • Old school doorbell
  • Old school analog chime
  • 20v transformer (15VA).

What I’ve done/tried:

  • Installed Ring (With 100% charged battery) to old doorbell wiring (RVD2 showed hardwired, but battery level slowly dropped over the weeks)
  • Bypassed old chime with the recommended wire-wound resistor in place (RVD2 same symptoms)
  • Replaced transformer with the recommended 16V 30VA one. (Same symptoms)
  • Verified with multimeter 17VAC at the doorbell. (Only a 0.4VAC drop between transformer and doorbell)
  • Charged battery to 100% again to be sure. (Battery level keeps dropping after that)

I’m insure what to try next, so here I am. :slight_smile:



So, I posted this message, then magically my ring started charging… I then disconnected my indoor chime and installed the resistor and now it’s not charging again.

Can whoever did whatever before, do it again?