Ring Video Doorbell 2 Short Circuit

Hi Community,

I have set up a Ring system in my house, including the video doorbell, cameras, base station, keypad and door sensors. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 was set up to my existing chime, i just removed my old button and replaced it with the Ring.

This worked for approximately 6 months. However, a couple weeks ago, my chime suddenly started buzzing incessantly. I could not stop it without physically disconnecting it. I assumed the chime itself was the issue, and ordered a replacement.

I installed that replacement, and the issue continues when installing it.

I then removed and disconnected my Ring Video Doorbell 2, and the buzzing stopped. When tapping the two power wires at the doorbell together, the chime will buzz, just like when i install them to my Doorbell.

Does this mean my Ring Doorbell 2 is short circuited? I made no changes prior to this issue popping up. When the Doorbell 2 is wired in, my chime does NOT stop buzzing. To stop the buzz, i need to either disconnect the chime, or disconnect the Ring Doorbell.

Is there anything i can do? Do i need a replacement Ring Doorbell 2?


Yeah, that’s not at all helpful, thanks. It appears i have solved the issue, however:

I went into the advanced settings, and turned off automatic chime detection. It was set for Digital Type 1. I connected everything up as normal. It buzzed without stopping on Digital Type 1, and it buzzed without stopping on Digital Type 2. I switched it to Mechanical, and it now works when the button is pressed.

Unclear why the auto set it to Digital Type 1, or why/how it worked for months. Fingers crossed this continues to work.

For anyone having an issue like this, try disabling the auto chime detection and manually cycling through the options.

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