Ring Video Doorbell 2 problems

I ordered a Ring Video Doorbell 2 from Ring along with 2 cameras. And have talked with 2 different customer support people (each leading me through the set-up and reset and Wi-Fi confirmation process and interference checks more than once) but the device still won’t link with my home Wi=Fi although many other devices at my home do and 1 on the cameras does. The last customer support person said that someone would contact me from a more advanced tech support group but no one did. Then the “community manager” sent me a message that I responded to but he never replied with any help. Then another community support person sent me a message asking if it was working to which I replied “no” and never heard from her again. Then a survey came and I gave the appropriate “poor” satisfaction which prompted the Ring survey person to asked me to explain the problem which I did, then never hearing from him again.

Does anyone have suggestions on who to contact at Ring that can actually fix a problem instead of simply asking if it has fixed itself (then ignoring my answer that it hasn’t fixed itself)? It seems like a bad strategy in this day of global internet feedback to repeatedly ignore a product problem

We have had similar problem. The first support person tried to help, FInally we were sent a replacement and had the same problem as the first one. Customer Support was supposed to call us. Wouldn’t set a time, they called when we were not home and we asked to call back next day. After multiple emials/Messages nothing 8 days and nothing. Their Customer Support is appalling.