Ring Video Doorbell 2, hardwired, but does not seem to be charging

I hardwired my video Doorbell 2 today. I had charged the battery to 67%, then placed it in the unit.
I didn’t want to charge to 100% so I could see if hardwiring actually recharges the battery without having to remove it from the unit.

My Ring App shows “Hardwired”.
After 12 hours the Status shows: 66%, 1 percent less than when I installed it.
I read the online trouble shooting guides that say to check the transformer voltage in the Ring app under “Device Health”. The app does not show transformer voltage. After resetting and trying a multitude of things, I read online that feature of showing transformer voltage has been removed from the app. THANKS FOR KEEPING YOUR TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDES UP TO DATE!!!

I know I have 19.9 V (AC) at the transformer and the doorbell location, I checked it with a DMM.
I rang the doorbell and the status bumped up to 68%. My old mechanical door chime works simultaneously when the button is pushed.

Does the battery only receive charging current when the Ring doorbell button is pushed? Or is there a parallel circuit that allows enough current to pass continuously that charges the battery but not enough to cause the chime to ring.?

If it only charges momentarily when the button is pushed, then the battery will rundown faster than charging due to recording motion events. I did this in an effort to avoid having to pull the battery out every few months to recharge it. So far all indications are that I just wasted my time hard wiring it.

Hi @JamVal. This Help Center article here will explain more about hardwired Doorbells and how they charge your battery. In short, hardwiring your Doorbell will provide a trickle charge to your battery to help maintain the current battery level, based on the amount of use. Pressing the Doorbell button causes the Doorbell provide a status update. So at times, it may not seem like the percentage has moved, because there has not been a motion/button press event to cause the Ring app to update it’s current status (battery level). As long as you are having less than 20 or so recorded events per day, and you have a strong RSSI, you should see an upward trend in your battery level. I hope this helps!