Ring video doorbell 2 does not permit new WiFi network setup as it gives me a WiFi network that isn’

My WiFi ring video doorbell2 will not give me a WiFi network to use to set up my NEW WiFi network. My old WiFi network was removed and replaced. Ring Vid doorbell2 gives me a network to connect to initially that doesn’t show up on my new phone and in the app. So I can’t set it back up using the new WiFi name and password. Help…

We’re here to help @Jskiphall! Have you tried removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device? This will ensure the app is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device.

During the setup process in the Ring app, you will need to connect to both the Ring setup network and your wifi network. Once you get to the step for connecting your Ring app/ mobile device to the Ring setup access point. This will not require a password and can be completed by tapping the Ring setup network name in your mobile device wifi settings. Once you’ve completed this step, please return to the Ring app and proceed.

When you get to the step of connecting to your in home network, and if you do not see your wifi available, please select the “Add Hidden Network” option lower on the page. This will allow you to manually enter your wifi SSID and password. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I want to change the wifi network that the Ring uses so I can get better coverage. I tried the tip listed above. I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it. I used my current information to log in and the same items show up. There is NO new setup routine so I can select a new wifi network!!!

Hi @Snotsy. In the Ring App, tap the menu in the top left > Set Up a Device > Doorbells > and follow the steps to walk through a new setup of your Doorbell. This will have you connect it to wifi so you can choose the correct wifi network as well.