Ring Video door cam not working with TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh

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This is a new thread I was told to open has i posted in wrong thread apparently

the information below was tested on the 10 August 2019 after Ring released a new firmware update to the ring devices.

Ring Higher tech team recommend using a separate WIFI until a fix is found. which is what I have my ring door bell cam and stickup cam both battery devices on now via Asus router.

okay, so I connected my ring door cam back to the TP-Link M4 mess network to test for any changes.

Test one I connected to my main M4 mess network

  1. Live view okay pass
  2. motion Fail got four notifications for one motion and didn’t record that motion
  3. Ring of the door all okay.

Test two connected to my mess network via the guest network

  1. Live view delayed took a long time to connect Fail
  2. Motion ** Fail** got four notifications for one motion and didn’t record that motion but only after five minutes after the event then got the good old four notifications
  3. Ring of door bell Fail didn’t get notification for couple minutes later then got four notifications for that event

For the Above tests, I had FAST roaming turned on all the time.

Please can ring tech team update this tread once a fix is found.

As running two WIFI networks is not right.

Thank you for your observations @magicton! While we investigate this matter, could you please provide me with the time stamps of when you received 4 notifications and the motion did not record?

Had a Ring Doorbell 2 (and Chime Pro) since Xmas, everything is great except its rub bish as a doorbell! by the time i get a live view the caller has left.

I have upgraded my New at xmas ^irgin Media router with a Deco M4 system, now I get 4 notifications for every movement detected and just “Connecting” in the live view… sometimes it works but its so much worse than before. So much for upgrading.

360Mb down, 33Mb up broadband speed on lan and wifi (these Deco’s are fast!)

I have CCTV and I can see my cameras instantly from remote, its just Ring which seems to have the issue.

I am going to try the doorbell on a dedicated 2.4Ghz wifi i use for IOT devices which don’t like 5Ghz and see if that improves it, and if not I will try the chime pro again.

these tests were done on the 9th august 2019 between 13.20 - 15.30 but the motions did not show on the riing app.

We appreciate all the details being shared in regards to your configurations, symtpoms, and experiences. In addition to time stamps, if you both could share screen shots of the Multiple notifications when they happen. I’ll be sharing this info with the team while they invesitgate this concern.

I am not connected to mesh at the moment until you release an new update as higher tech have advised not to use mesh network until fixed

08-12-2Q19 1 2ÿ39 PM

Re: TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFI bricking
Ring cameras

No help here, but I spoke with a CSR
yesterday on the phone who was aware of the
problem. After some checking with the
“Advance Team” he said they advised not use
the Video Doorbel12 with the Deco M4 at this
time as the problem is NOT fixed. Their
solution was to use a stand alone WiFI
npt\A/nrk that icn,t thn M4

Both me and my wife were getting the 4 motion notifications, and difficulty in getting a live view. When I got home from work I switched the doorbell 2& Chime Pro to a 2.4Ghz only non mesh wifi and that solved the 4 notifications issue and made accessing live view much quicker (still slower than any of my other brand cameras) but mostly usable now.


I have just reconected my ring door cam back to my mesh M4 network

live view working fine.

Initally I got four notifcations for one montion and did not record at 15.27 today.

now I am not getting any montions or notifcations

but only live view working see screenshots from my phone

Thank you for these examples @magicton ! I’ll get these over to the team right away. We will update this thread with more information once it’s received. In the meantime, sharing any further observations or examples is more than welcome.

I have 3 cameras and 1 doorbell.

Since swapping my home WiFi to a mesh WiFi, our phones now ring/vibrate 4 times every time movement is registered, the doorbell still only rings once.

If I swap to an extender which has a unique SSID to the mesh system, it only rings/vibrates once.

My mesh WiFi has 4 nodes, but if I turn one node off, I still get 4.

i phoned support and after resetting the camera and reinstalling it, the fault is still occuring

The app only shows one notification in event history.

I have the same problem with my E4 mesh WiFi. 4 notifications on our phones, 1 notification in the event history. I thought it was because I had 4 nodes, but turning one of the nodes off still give 4 notifications, going back to using the cameras with an extender only gives 1 notification

I have exact same problem. So much fed up with ring actually. This is the second device as first one had problem with the live view and got it replaced. Now it’s connected to a Deco M4 and more and more problems. 4 notifications in mine and my wife’s phone and i can never access the last video or sometimes it says processing for ever. Most of the time I am missing the person at door. Contacting the chat service is also not straight forward now as I have to email and wait for a reply. I will give it one more try and going to replace the whole thing with a hard wired proper security system. Even look at this thread, no reply so far :frowning:

Well, switched Ring Doorbell 2 and Chime pro back to the Mesh WiFi (Deco M4 system)

Currently getting 4 motion alerts and no recording a lot of the time (not always but mainly when we are in the house)

Often slow to get to live view, so slow I see every interaction of the handshake reported on screen, sending request, activating screen, sending credentials, opening stream…then it fails to show the live view “we have trouble connecting to your doorbell” this is via 4G.

Just so I can be sure its not the Samsungs we have I will try it on an old iPhone 5s we have.

I only changed it back to the Deco yesterday but will try and see what circumstances cause these issues


Thank you, neighbors. This information and more has been brought to the attention of the team and they are currently investigating. If any neighbor would like to learn more about this and help the team, please send me an email at chelsea@ring.com. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your experience @Skezza . I’ve moved your post over to this thread so we can easily update everyone with more information as we receive it.


I am having difficulty finding the time to go experiment in any great detail, but, the 4 motion notifications are heard from the chime pro, and any connected phones, and it is easy to replicate, just install a ring doorbell 2 and chime pro on a Deco mesh network and your team will see it. I am unsure if my doorbell has had any updates but I switched on fast roaming, and no difference, so that bit seems to have been fixed.

Hi neighbors - as mentioned, if you would like to help the team please email me at chelsea@ring.com. Thank you!

I have found a temporary fix. I am running on a 3 mesh system with tp link. If you go to the tp link system setting and turn off the 5ghz and keep the 2.4ghz on. It will start recording the motion events. Hope ring fix this issue.

I’ve been in communication with ring and a firmware update was pushed out to my cameras, now everything is working OK