Ring Video Door Bell will not connect to WIFI

Trying to reconnect my Ring Video Door Bell to my WIFI and it just keeps spinning.

I have check wifi settings and connecting to 2.4 ghz wifi. connected to ring wifi as instruction say and then joined my wifi but nothing happens.

Any suggestion. Thanks


Do you have security on the router that makes you authenticate new devices? Can you log into the router and see if there are any logs to see if its getting refused?

No this is just a basic Linksys Smart Wifi router and i am using it for only wifi device connections.

I will try my cable modem wifi and see if i have the same problems.


Well tested with my other wifi and same issue. just keeps spinning and never connecting to the wifi.

When i go to set it up the ring video door bell app sees both wifi’s and i enter the password then it just spins away. When i try to connect i am like maybe a foot away from the wifi device.

So i guess this is hooped and i will need to purchase a new one. Any recommendation on which one to buy. I see the version 3 but not sure now long its been out and it there are any issues with it.

Did you do the factory defaults? Hold down for 20 seconds and maybe even longer and then try to start over? There is a hard reset as well as the quick connect.

No what is the factory reset. You mean hold the orange button down for 20 seconds or longer. What is the hard reset??