Ring video door bell randomly rings

So glad I was guided to this post. I thought I was the only person in the world having phantom ringing that began very recently, late 2020, early 2021. My several years old ring device, hardwired, to the house mechanical door bells, no chime. excellent wifi signal as it is anout 6 feet from router. cable internet at 200mb. My latest theory that I will work on is the possibility of Alexa being involved. The theory is Alexa is getting the motion trigger, and setting off the doorbell inside the house. I am not sure how to dig into Alexa to do this. But Alexa has already built relationships between devices that I did not add to it. It was natural to blame Ring device, as its job is to ring a doorbell. But Alexa is pretty devious also. Lastly, I only added a ring for one purpose - to let me talk to people at the door who ring the doorbell. It stopped working well enough over 1 year ago. When someone rings the door bell now, by the time the app on my iphone 12 or ipad opens and actually connects the person is gone. The ring product no longer meets my requirments and I will switch to a device that is a video doorbell that works. I know I went off on a tangent, but losing that feature has been a bigger problem. I am house bound and need the ability to answer the door from my phone. I have missed visits from home healthcare, deliveries or medicines, too many important things. Now phantom doorbells, no surprise. Ring is not really a good product, or maybe it is a product that is not sure what it is trying to be. I just need a video doorbell. Today I will dig into Alexa and see if that is triggering the phantom doorbell.One thing I cannot do is cause the problem to occur on demand. I cannot cause or trigger a phantom doorbell. Very difficult for anyone to diagnose when it is so random. Convenient for tech support that we cannot say, watch what happens! Because it does not happen everytime.

Not really the case, its a ghost “ring”. The button is not pushed, the Ring doorbell does not ring neither it sends a notification, the only thing ringing randomly is my door bell.

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Marley Ring, you mentioned checking to make sure you have set up a mechanical chime in the Ring app. I can’t find that in the app. How do you check (or change) that?

I experienced the same problem today - mechanical doorbell was ringing about every 20 minutes - just a short burst - checked all the wiring - checked transformer - turned off power to the doorbells - turned power back on - same issue. I rebooted my ISP’s router - and that resolved the issue - have to assume one of the doorbells had poor WiFi reception and was sending a bad signal. Issue resolved.


I was wrong - the problem I was having had nothing to do with the ISP router or a malfunction of the doorbells - or transformer. I have a Ring Security Wireless Gen 2 system - On the 2nd bedroom motion detector I had turned on “Chirp Tone” - so every time someone walked in that room and set off the motion detector - the Chirp Tone (in this case ding-dong) was sent to the mechanical doorbell.
Setting the “Chirp Tone” to None resolved the issue. Issue Resolved.

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I have the same problem. One year old Ring. Worked great, now get periodic electronic doorbell rings but no true Ring notification on my Echo or phone app. Changed the electronic doorbell, but problem still occurs. Looked at Ring wiring, all looks good, after all it had worked for a year. It is a definite RIng defect, which based on this listing, doesn’t appear to have a solution.

Did anyone fix this issue? I have disabled the mechanical bell.

I am now having the same issue with the random rings and no one is at the door. The device worked fine for years. Just started happening a couple days ago.

Same issue…stated at 12.30am a week ago. Over and over…scared crap out of my wife. I went and checked my Hikvision (Quality) cameras and nothing!! I ended up uninstalling the Ring app off my phone as it is now randomly alerting me someone has pressed the button. Checked connections. WiFi strength is perfect. Device itself is not worn.

This is what you get for buying (Bad Quality) equipment people! Buy a better brand!!
I’ve had nothing but issues with these doorbells…they won’t work with Quality Brand WiFi systems (I have a Cisco and Motorola Wing 5 systems installed in my house). I’ve been in IT for over 20 years specializing in Networking. I’ve installed over 10 large venues with CCTV systems.
The only way I could get Video streaming to work was buy a cheap $30 WiFi AP (with NO security) to get them to stream live Video.
Having to pay a monthly subscription is a load of bullsh_t!!
6 Hikvision Cameras…no subscription, endless options for recording, playback and detection’s. No extra costs!!
Both my Ring Door bells are going in the bin!

Same problem here, phantom doorbell rings. Dogs go nuts. Irritating. I am getting rid of ring and going with something else. Not happy with the missed motion detection either.

I have the same issue with my ring doorbell and have done everything to make sure it’s working properly. Still during the day and at night it still rings. I noticed that when had the subscription off it didn’t do it at all but as soon as I started it back it started again. Now they why I calmed myself I use the skills of alexa which tell me if there is actually any movement. So all of the glitches are recognized and my kids are even familiar. So a doorbell ring without alexa saying motion dected at the front is nothing to worry about.