Ring video door bell randomly rings

I was experiencing the random-chime-at-night problem like several others, and was able to fix the issue. This may not apply in all cases, but if you have a mechanical doorbell with two chimes (set up for front and rear door, where one goes “ding” and the other “ding-dong”) the random chiming may be caused by a basic mis-wiring of the mechanical chime. This miswiring may have been done years ago but has gone undetected all that time. For the two chime mechanical door bell there are three screw terminals in the unit. The correct way that these should be connected is a lead from the transformer should be attached to the center terminal, and the leads from the two doorbell pushbuttons should be attached to the two outside terminals (left and right). The subtle thing about this is that when the doorbell circuit is equipped with simple push buttons these leads may be mis-wired and yet the mechanical doorbell will still work as intended, so no one may be the wiser. For example: if the transformer lead is attached to one of the outside terminals (let’s say the left terminal) and the pushbutton leads are attached to the center and the other outside terminal (the terminal on the right) the mechanical chime will give the “ding” and “ding-dong” sounds as intended. The only hint that something may be mis-wired is that when the pushbutton connected to the right hand terminal is pushed both chime solenoid plungers are activated, yielding the double chime. So you can live with your doorbell miswired like this for years and never notice an issue.

But now if you convert the pushbutton connected to the terminal on the right to a ring video camera, and install the pro-power kit between the center terminal and the terminal on the right (as the instructions tell you to do), then that video doorbell is being asked to operate both chime solenoids, and there are now two pro-power kits wired in series in the circuit. In my case my video doorbell worked fine for the first eight hours after I installed it, but once night fell and the infrared LEDs came on the unit went crazy and started randomly chiming. This would happen only at night, and only when the infrared LEDs were activated - I found that as long as my porch lights were on there was no problem, but the moment I turned off the porch lights the chiming would start. My guess is that the extra current required by the video doorbell to operate the LEDs, with the pro-power kits in series in the circuit, causes a malfunction in the circuitry in the video doorbell, and it essentially shorts the doorbell leads. Meanwhile my other video door bell, which replaced the original pusbutton (which I now know was incorrectly wired to the center terminal), worked fine with no issues.

My original mechanical chime is over 30 years old, so I’m guessing it was mis-wired like this for all that time. I was able to figure it out using a voltmeter, disconnecting the three leads from the screw terminals in the mechanical chime, and checking voltages between each pair of wires. When the pair of leads at one of the doors is shorted (simulating a pushbutton being depressed), at the mechanical chime you should read 16VAC between the transformer lead and the pushbutton lead that is being shorted. This is how I was able to figure out that the transformer lead had been incorrectly connected to the terminal on the left instead of the center terminal. I reconnected the wire leads with the transformer lead properly connected to the center terminal and the doorbell pushbutton leads to the two outside terminals, then reinstalled the video doorbell units and pro-power kits, and now everything works like a champ! So lesson learned: just because your mechanical chime works like it should with the original pushbutton doorbell switches, don’t assume that the system is wired properly. Hope this helps.


I totally agree with you with #2 and #3. I believe someone (most likely a Ring engineer) or FBI agent is doing this to either test it out or playing a prank. And ghosts are known to come out around 3-3:30am. Google it.

Hi, Our ring doorbell went off twice last night, one at 20:59 with a motion sound notification through my ring chime together with a notification on my phone to which I entered the ring app through the notification to check but no-one was there so I then checked my cctv and saw the light had come on on my ring doorbell like it had been pressed. We then received a second notification on phone at 21:16 ( didn’t hear chime this time but was upstairs with tv on so maybe just didn’t hear it, not sure) but again no-one was there (no lighting of doorbell this time on cctv). We have wireless ring system with battery powered ring doorbell and plug in boosted ring chime.

After a year with no phantom rings, I got three of them yesterday! No-one there and no activity on the App. So this morning I called a friend who I knew had a Ring to ask if he had ever had the problem and he said… “That’s strange, it had never happened before, but it happened to me for the first time yesterday!”

So my conclusion is that this was a problem with Amazon and hopefully they have now fixed this. Hands up Amazon!


The timing for this is exactly what I experienced last night.

It went off att 21.00 and then again 15 minutes later.

No one was there and video could not be turned on at that time.

Nothing was mentioned in the log.

I have the battery driven Ring Doorbell 2 with chime and it has worked flawlessy for 2 years. Until now.

Exactly the same thing happened to me last night at roughly the same time. I spent a good hour today checking wiring etc. and nothing appeared wrong. This would suggest there is/was something wrong with Ring Central.

Hi neighbors. Yesterday we were experiencing issues with our Processing Infrastructure which resulted in delays in our Ring devices. This has since been resolved and everything should be back to normal.

If you are still experiencing delays, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thank you for this info! I installed the pro power kit you mentioned on my mechanical doorbell, and it fixed the random dinging problem! Thankyou!

I need help with Ring 2 doorbell ringing randomly, quite annoying

I was experiencing the phantom doorbell rings and everytime I would answer the door using voice it would ding and keep vibrating. What worked for me after trial and error was figuring out that for some reason the charge to my mechanical doorbell was still continuing to send to my backdoor doorbell after I connected according to how ring says for my front door(where I have my pro) with the pro kit v2. Taking note of that I switched the pro kit v2 to my rear and transistor connects and voila, no vibrating, no phantom dings, pro works fine, back doorbell works fine, front doorbell dings when ring is pressed and ring alerts PERFECTLY!! Some electricians back in the day didn’t label so I would say try switching the rear and front to make sure they are not crossed and if not take note of what doorbell pin stays buzzing, holding it self down with a light charge and switch the ring kit v2 to that connector(rear or front)

I just started having this problem with my Ring Pro that has been installed for over a year now. It ONLY happens when the IR lights on the Ring come on. My Ring is normally in a very well lit area. We just put up Christmas lights the other night, and when we turned the outside lights off, the digital chime started going off. As soon as we turned the outside lights back on, it stopped (Note there was never a notification on the app). At first, I thought it was just a fluke, but it does it every time we turn the outside lights off. It never happens during the day. The outside lights are in no way electrical tied to the circuit that the Ring is on. I have checked all the connections and verified that the digital chime is on the compatible list. The problem is definitely a software or hardware problem with the Ring itself.

Huge garbage, coming from an IT guy this is a horrible flow. All house got wake up at 5AM by the random ringing, never happened before I have it for close to 2 years. Removed the doorbell from the software app and it stopped. I will go and buy out something else. Wife was not happy that it failed to record also someone messing with our Christmas lights. 100% a software issue since by removing the doorbell from the app stopped ringing

Absolutely agree with this. I noticed I only get the phantom doorbell rings when the IR lights are on.

Looks like my fix will be bypassing the mechanical chime and using my echo dot(s) as the chime.

Edit: Since my Doorbell Pro comes w/ the V2 Power Kit, all I had to do was disconnect the cable and attach the cables for the mechanical doorbell directly into it. I followed this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XRaH7AE8uc

The holes are not visible until you peel the sticker off the back of the power kit. This bypassed the mechanical chime altogether and now I’m strictly using an Echo Dot as the chime. No more phantom chimes at night.

I bought a Ring Video Doorbell Pro from Best Buy. Installed yesterday and it was working fine. Today I tried accessing the video and had a message about it updating software that may take up to 15 minutes. Around 11pm today or 36 hrs after install, I got a random door ring with no one at the front door. About an hour later at midnight another. Then at 1:55am, another random ring. I have a mechanical doorbell and the transformer does have 16.3v output. I believe it has to be a glitch in the software. The first two times, the ring was maybe 1/4 the sound volume of a normal ring. The third time, the ring was probably 1/2 the volume. Should I return and get another brand or is Ring doing something about software?

Hi there, @Wufido! It sounds like you’ve installed this properly. Please ensure the included Pro Power Kit is installed as described in the instruction manual, and that your chime type is set to mechanical in the Ring app. To ensure your chime can work the best, I recommend also checking our Chime Kit Compatibility list. There are some additional suggestions throughout this thread that may be helpful as well. :slight_smile:

I have two Ring Doorbell Pros that I have never been able to successfully use. Very frustrating! They are just over a year old and have been disconnected for most of that time. They are connected to a mechanical chime that is on the compatible list. Anytime they are connected, they cause the chime to randomly go off over and over again. We have followed all setup instructions and ever replaced the transformer and chime with no resolve.

What can be done to fix this issue so that we can successfully use these? Very frustrating to spend good money on something that does not function properly!

Hi there, @Ldickey! The best first step, when having multiple Doorbell Pros, will be to check out the hardwiring diagram for two Pros and one chime. It looks like this setup would require a 16v 30va transformer and both Pro Power Kits to be installed. As you mentioned the chime kit being compatible, I recommend double checking your In Home Chime Type setting for the Doorbell Pro, in your Ring app, to ensure it is set to mechanical. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The wiring diagram was followed and they are set to mechanical on the app. We have done all the research/self troubleshooting we can think of. After reading through all the other comments, this seems to be a more widespread issue. What can you do to assist further? I would really like to have these functioning properly.

When they were originally installed they were both powered up and functioning (which tells me they are wired correctly) we disconnected them because they were constantly causing the chime to sound without the doorbell button being pushed. Sometimes it was faint. Other times it was loud. Just no rhyme or reason to it and it happened at all hours of the day/night.

What can be done to correct this???

Thank you for the update on this, @Ldickey! If, after trying all of the steps recommended in this thread, this concern is persisting for you, a more in-depth look will be needed. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I have had my ring doorbell pro for less than six months. Not only does it ring by itself, the dogs go crazy, but what really concerns me is that it makes the chime on the inside sound like I have faulty wiring as it starts buzzing after the random bell rings and then continues to buzz for sometime after the ring. Does anyone have this issues and if yes, what did you do to resolve?