Ring video door bell randomly rings

I just installed the ring video door bell and everything was working fine but randomly the doorbell would ring in my house and nobody would be there. It happened several times so we had to unhook that the bell didn’t ring so we could go to sleep atleast does anyone know if this issue ever happened to them before or have anything ideas for me.

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Hey @Giademarco10! A chime kit sounding on its own could be caused by touching wires, or shorted wires, whether at the chime kit or the door. Keep in mind, if your chime kit is mechanical, you do not need a diode installed. Which Doorbell model do you have?

I have had the ring doorbell for months. It has worked great! Yesterday it rang, checked, no one there. I looked at the doorbell and the inner circle was glowing blue - circle. I touched the button and it rang. The notification on my phone stated that the door bell is ringing after I had touched it. I checked the device health and settings. All was working; battery life full, etc… At roughly 3:00AM it rang. Checked the door - no one there. Not a happy camper. Can you suggest the root cause and how to resolve? The doorbell is not just the “ding-dong” type, but it does not have a chime kit. it’s a standard two wire installation w/diode.

Thanks, John


Hey @jrancatore! If you are using a digital chime kit, and only the chime kit is going off by itself, please ensure that chime is on our Chime Compatibility List. If the random ding alerts are also coming from the Video Doorbell to your app during these occasions, please check for any damage, debris, or objects near the Doorbell button. If this concern persists, I recommend reaching out to our support team for a more in-depth look. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We have had no problems, until this week! The door bell rings, the dogs go wild and there is no one there ( or around the corner , or by the cars.) I got to the record of actions one the Rings and there is nothing there! The battery is good, we are not wired to the old door bell. Kind of unnerving!

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We just had our ring doorbell installed yesterday and it randomly rings - no one presses the doorbell. In addition, the ring is connected to the chime that came with the house. It makes a noise as though a helicopter is trying to land on the house!

Our’s have been in place for over two years and just started ramdomly rings on it’s own. Removed and disconnected the unit and cleaned and inspected, with no visable problems. All the wires and contacts looked fine. Reinstalled and reconnected the Ring but it did not fix the problem. The button doesn’t stick and nothing in the wiring had been changed since the initial set up. I did turn off all notifications and it still rings my normal house chime. The unit rings for every 15 or so minutes to every couple of hours, with no rhyme or reason. The Ring unit is under cover from sun and weather. I can’t believe under these conditions that the unit woul go bad so soon.


We just installed ring few months ago, recently the doorbell started going omg on its own. Pretty frightening when it happens at 2 am, dog goes crazy. Our doorbell is not very old, maybe 4 yrs. I don’t like not having it disconnected. Disappointed also


Hey neighbors! For any concern on this situation please refer to our post that we have accepted as a solution in this thread. If you still cannot reach a resolution, please reach out to our support team here.

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We’ve only had our Ring doorbell about 2 weeks and this has happened to us twice. It’s scary because the video goes black for a few seconds making it seem like someone hacked us. Now that I’ve read that this happens to other people with no real solution, I’m going to return it and buy another spotlight camera. We bought from Ring and like it so we’ll probably get another. Very disappointed! Paid $300

Hey @Tess207. Security is our top priority at Ring, and our team of security experts are always working to ensure that you are safe and protected on all fronts. If you have any questions about the security of Ring devices, we’re happy to answer them. We understand the importance of keeping your data secure and follow the industry standard when it comes to encryption protection.

For the few seconds of black video in the beginning, this could be related to the Doorbell’s connection to the router. If you visit your Device Health page, you can see how the connection is for your Doorbell right now and how to improve it if needed. You can learn more about your RSSI and what to do to lower this number for better video coverage in our Community post here. If you still find no relief there, please check out our Ring Help Center Article here on black video. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

No…I spent hours on this! Its only blacked out at exactly the time the doorbell rings with nobody there. Also. I did call your support people. The girl. Jovie said that everyhing on the video was clear on her end. So the next time it happened i took a screenshot to show you. See attached…Also, now that I see all of these other customers complaining of the same issue it makes me wonder why your rep didn’t tell me you’re aware of the problem and working on a solution. Nobody expects their doorbell to ring in the middle of the night for no reason. It’s just wrong!

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Hey @Tess207, the Snapshot footage being available is going to be different than the video being completely black at the beginning. Are you having a concern with Snapshots not appearing and being unavailable, or are the videos black in the beginning? If the situation is the latter, please attach a video share link so we can see what this looks like in video format!

Also, to better understand your concern, are you having it where your Chime Kit in your home is randomly going off in the middle of the night, or are you having it where the Ring Video Doorbell is randomly dinging in the middle of the night? It could be a wiring concern with your Chime Kit to the Doorbell that is setting it off, which would explain why you don’t see footage in your history, as it’s on the wiring that’s triggering it to go off and not the Doorbell itself.

The doorbells worked fine for several months. Now the doorbell rings randomly for 15 or 20 minutes, several times each day.

This answer doesn’t work.

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Pop off the original mechanical chime cover, ensure that the wires to the leads are Front (red) and Trans (white). Attach the leads of the Power Pro to either leads. The ■■■■■ owner prior to me had the Rear and Front leads connected without the Trans…caused all kinds of weirdness when I installed the Ring. Worked correctly when I popped the Rear (white wire) off and moved to Trans lead.

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I’m having the same issues as everyone else on this thread… I’ve had my front door ring for about 2 years… Everything worked fine up until this week. Now I’m getting phantom rings and phantom notifications. You guys say this issue is solved in this thread, but it’s apparently not solved if all these people are still having issues. I have recommended your product to friends and family over the past couple years but I’m starting to wonder if you guys are clueless if you claim something is resolved when it’s obviously not. When. I look at my phantom rings, the video starts out black and then nobody is there. When I checked the devices health, everything is good with it. But when I’m trying to look at the live feed when I get phantom notifications, it says poor phone connection. Which is kind of impossible because I have crazy fast wifi throughout the house. Also when I try and view “Live View” it’s taking over 30 seconds to open up a live view… That’s unacceptable. Please advise how to fix these issues prior to me dumping your stuff and buying a competing unit and losing the money I spent on your stuff. I don’t like being woken up in the early morning with false notifications and/false rings. I’ve attached one of the false rings that show only black… Correction… I tried connecting my video download, but you guys don’t allow it


Our Ring doorbell just rang while we were home. This is the 1st time (to my knowledge) it has happened. I checked our (non-Ring) cameras and there was nobody there. I literally watched the video footage while the doorbell rang and it happened on its own. I agree with the previous comment, Ring has certainly NOT resolved or solved the issue.

Three possible causes:

  1. My Ring product is defective

  2. Someone has figured out a way to make people’s Ring products “fire” remotely

  3. Ghosts

My app also fired off a notification to my phone…but because I don’t pay your lousy subscription service, it wouldn’t show me video. So, will Ring respond with elite customer service or continue pretending there is no issue?

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Ours rang without anyone being there. I looked around to see if there was some pranking us; no one there. I went back to look at the log, for when the door bell is activated; nobody or record of anyone. I checked to see if there was a problem in the doorbell. The battery was low and needing to battery. So far no fantom rings! Maybe the battery was the problem.

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