Ring Video door bell Pro wont go into setup mode

I have purchased RIng Door bell Pro in Aug 2019 hoping to install it in my new house. I have purchased it from Amazon.com. I have finished building my house here in Australia & have installed the ring doorbell pro with 19v PSU. I can only see a dull white light and ring won’t go into setup mode if I press & release the orange button on the right side. If I long-press the orange button then it restarts & goes back to the dull white light. I have changed the PSU to 24v with the same results.

I have tried everything from removing the PSU & waiting for the battery to drain out and reconnecting it and after everything, the doorbell seems not to go into setup mode at all

what do i do as i have 2 other ring light cameras which had no issues setting them up and those were purchased here in Australia

Sorry to hear about this @Raghu-P! Please ensure the power supply is rated for AC power as this is what the Doorbell Pro is compatible with. 24V AC should be sufficient for operating the Ring Pro as long as the wiring is also standard gauge and uniform in configuration.

Once confirming the above, please allow some time for the Pro to charge up before attempting a setup. If the concern persists, our support team will be happy to assist more in-depth with this.

Как долго звонок заряжается? Синий цвет индикатора уже продолжается 2 часа. Это нормально?


I have tried every solution there is on the internet but I cannot get the ring camera into setup mode

I would appreciate if I can get a solution as it is useless after spending $300 + as I believed Ring had sorted out all the bugs in this door cam

Hey neighbors! If you’ve attempted the troubleshooting steps recommended and cannot get your device into support mode, please contact our support team via phone here.