Ring Video Door Bell Pro (Offline)


I purchased a Ring Video Door Bell Pro and a second generation Chime Pro and also the Ring UK Plug-In adapter for the doorbell two weeks ago (don’t have an existing doorbell in my property). Set it up as per instructions i.e. because I’m using the official Ring plug in adapter I don’t need to use the supplied 24Vac transformer. Everything worked fine for the first week and now the doorbell keeps going offline. Doorbell has excellent wi-fi signal to both the Chime Pro Gen2 and to my home network. Once it goes offline I have to reconnect it and it last about 5 mins before going offline again, device health ALWAYS reads GOOD voltage and GOOD Wi-fi signal on either our 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz signal (Wi-fi extender is about 3 feet from doorbell and chime pro gen2 is about the same distance. No matter which I connect the doorbell too the same thing keeps happening.

Is the doorbell faulty or could it be the Ring Plug-in adapter that’s faulty. The Official Ring adapter says on it gives out a 24Vac 20v power rating, which is what Ring advise for their product.

I’m seriously about to give up on the product and request a FULL REFUND on all 3 items due to it not being fit for purpose.


Ring have said my unit is faulty and will send out a replacement. Hopefully this new one lasts longer than a week :confounded:

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