Ring Video Door Bell Motion Settings

Unable to set up motion zones for device. Downloaded guide, but action steps not available. Any suggestions? Does the basic ring viedo door bell have motion zone settings? Thanks.

Hey @drbob! Your motion zones can be adjusted in the motion settings via the Ring app. To access motion settings, follow these steps:

  • In your Ring app tap the main menu (top left)
  • Select “devices” from the menu
  • Choose your Video Doorbell device
  • On your Doorbell device page, choose “Device Settings”
  • In device settings, select Motion Settings.

Motion settings will vary based on device type and model, but the above steps should present options for you to adjust sensitivity, frequency of detection, and more! :slight_smile:

Marley. Thanks for reply. Did as suggested, unfortunately, no option for motion zone, other than on or off. Guess I need an upgraded door bell.

Any other thoughts or suggestions excluding $$!

Hi @drbob! Check out our recentCommunity post which explains these motion settings in-depth and provides visual for best use. In addition to the settings available, there is also the option to angle your device using Wedge or Corner kits for fine tuning detection at your door.