Ring video Door Bell Hardwire Charging

I purchased a Ring Video Doorbell the other day and hardwired the unit.

After 2 days I saw on the app my power status had gone from OK to Poor.

clicked on this to see the battery was 36% and decreased throughout the night to 31%.

Now it was frosty so I wanted to check if this was normal even when hardwired?

I took the doorbell off and gave it some charge (didn’t let it get to 100%).

Installed this with 46% charge this morning but its not seemed to have gone up since wiring it back up to the door.

Shouldnt the HW be charging the battery through the day?

Battery level 65% Wednesday 5 Feb., 6% Friday 7 Feb. Please explain.

Is 12v enought power from my old doorbell enough to keep my Rng Video Doorbell trickel charged?

I installed this a week ago and cannot get it to stay charged of the 12v supply.

That being said i’ve seen people on her complaing that a recent updated seems to have started all this off.

Latest firmware broke the cameras and they are draining more than usual


Best guess is they added Person Detection which runs on the camera itself. So now instead of just detecting movement, the camera is also trying to identify people. More processes running on the camera means more cpu usage and processing which means more battery drain.

The battery is the biggest issue with these devices, no question! I’ve checked my voltage on the wires - that’s good. I’ve charged the battery several times - sometimes it stays charged, many times it does not. The status ALWAYS shows hardwired and a good connection, wifi signal is strong. It will stay at 100% for a week and then suddenly drop 20% over night - though it’s hard to tell when this happens because the battery status never seems to update itself consistently. It’s supposed to do it when you ring the doorbell, but I have no idea if it does or not. Using the Windows app shows that it’s 70% at one spot on the screen but 100% in another…not sure which one to believe. The battery monitoring is horrible - and is crucial to the operation of this device. I tried reseating the wires at one point - and lost the little screw on the back of the doorbell so I ordered a new parts kit (which was only about $2 so that was good - just took 3-4 weeks to get here). While I did that, I ran it on just battery and noticed that it lasted way longer than it did when it was hardwired. I assume that’s because on battery, the doorbell button ring does not light up to save power. Hardwired, the light comes on and the battery runs done very quickly because it’s not really charging. I reset everything, uninstalled the app, reinstalled and reconfigured everything - it was good for a few days and then went right back to dropping down to 78%. I finally called tech support and they looked at my logs which shows details about how the battery is charging and they saw it was up and down all the time…and are sending me a replacement device. We’ll see how that one works. If you’re having problems like this, call them (you can leave a call-back number so you’re not on the phone for 45 minutes) and get them to look at the logs. It would be nice if us users could access those logs too!