Ring Video Door Bell 2 just quits Motion Alerts for No Reason

Based on my continual problems, now with the replacement Ring Video Doorbell 2 I have determined from constant trials and tribulations that your network is fully substandard to handle the load of customers. It just stops sending Motion Alerts every few hours for No good resason. Ring should be ashamed to supply such a terrible product network combo.

Hey @JoeySoprano. I’m happy to help here more on this concern. What kind of phone are you running the Ring app on, as well as what is the phone’s OS version and what version of the Ring app are you running this on? With more information we can explore any possible solutions here and look into this further for you!

iPhone 11 pro running on iOS13.5.1 Ring App version how do I find that on the phone Does 5.27.2 sound right

just saw there is a Ring App Update version 5.28.0 I am running 5.27.2 I will update and let you know if it Helps.

upgrade to ver 5.28.0 did not help. Again I got up this morning walked right up to video 2 doorbell and received no motion alert After waving and cupping the unit in my hand I received an alert. Your Doorbell product with your network ids awful

I am noticing something similar. I know there are times when people have been on my porch, either a delivery or the mailman, but they have not registered on my Ring Doorbell, though it has registered my family going in and out the door. I would love to know how to fix this issue. It is frustrating as I am not getting alerts when packages are left, etc.

Wait a couple days. It will stop giving you any motion alerts just when it feels like it

@JoeySoprano You will definitely want to be on the 5.28 version of the Ring app! In regards to your Doorbell, what is your Motion Frequency set to? If it’s on Standard, could you swap it to Frequent and see if this helps? @bayportkat Could you also try this and let me know if that helps?

tried all those changes was still inconsistent Had agree on an upgrade to Pro model price with your tech support. Hopefully it ships soon and works well

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@JoeySoprano Oh that’s great news! Please let me know how you like the Pro, or if you have any follow up questions for me in regards to it. :slight_smile:

Do you have the ability to check on the status of an order placed by ring? Its been almost a week and its not shipped? If not who does? I have been sending inquiries to help@ring.com with No Response

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