Ring Video DB Pro.. How do I download Snapshot Capture(SSC) for a full day?

How can I download SSC for an entire day?

Trying to get SSC video of someones dog craping on my front lawn but it seems that I am only able to download small time frames at a time due to the motion events that are also captured through out the day that interupts the stream to share/download. As I see it now I can only get a full days SSC video if I download 15mins at a time. Is there a better way to view SSC videos online via the Ring Website just like you can do for Motion, etc.,?

I love this feature but unless I’m doing somethig wrong here then it’s way to much work to just view a days worth of video.

Let me know… Thanks

Good question @Rowdy50! For reviewing Snapshots specifically, this can only be done in the timeline screen by scrolling back through events, or selecting a specific day from the drop down and scrolling through the day. Any other event type, such as motions or live views, can be seen and filtered in the Event History section, rather than timeline.

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